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Our Spirit is in Our Name



Rose & Willard translates, literally - Feminine & Bold. This meaning is written into everything we do.


Rose & Willard is an award-winning, British, professional careerwear brand dedicated to delivering an affordable luxury, working wardrobe to the modern, achieving, individual woman.

Our business wear collections comprise beautiful yet practical and functional capsule wardrobes for women whose focus is to perform. Creating flattering and slimming styles is central to our purpose as we believe in empowerment and cultivating confidence.

Our commitment to creating versatile, enduring, high quality, investment pieces is a constant. We source only the finest fabrics (mostly from the leading mills in Italy) and pay attention to every detail of our high quality design and manufacturing processes.

We devise and create with a purpose to invoke confidence and poise. It is this we endeavour to fortify as the story of each customer's career unfolds.


Rose & Willard believes that actions speak louder than words.

Central to Rose & Willard's philosophy is a determination to support and engender confidence and self-belief among women. It is for this reason that we present more realistic images of women - with minimal or no photoshop. We also feature diversity and incorporate positive body language into our photo shoots. We want women to be inspired by, and to relate to, the imagery they see. 


Rose & Willard values what matters. We are committed to ethical, eco-friendly production and developing fair relationships throughout.

Our pledge is to be open, involved and to operate with a conscience. Our standards are always high.

We believe in cultivating opportunities for new talent & supporting Britain's exceptional manufacturing skills.

Our pieces are crafted at our London studio. We are a genuine 'Made in England' brand.

We care for the environment - our supply chains are short, we eschew waste & don't burden our customers with unnecessary packaging.

Our spirit is in the meaning of our name – Rose (feminine) & Willard (bold).


Heidy Rehman is the Founder & Managing Director of Rose & Willard. Despite humble beginnings, and in the face of adversity, she earned degrees and qualifications in Mathematics and Accounting. During almost 14 years in the competitive and male-dominated world of finance she succeeded in becoming a double top-ranked stockbroker. Her long corporate career has enabled her to understand the importance and value of presenting a professional yet individual and feminine appearance, especially when time is pressured.

Heidy regularly undertakes speaking events at which she discusses issues affecting women, including equal pay, body image, imposter syndrome and others. She actively participates in charity and supportive community work. She is also a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, and other media, on diverse topics including politics, social issues and economics.

On occasion, Heidy has been described as a disruptor. She has always said that this is a label she is happy to wear.

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